A timeless and universal requirement for success is our ability to persuade others to believe a conclusion and take an action. Communication Constructs Inc. (CCI) is committed to helping individuals and organizations increase success with persuasive communication. CCI achieves this with training, self-learning tools and software (PowerWriter) that apply our proven persuasive communication method. 

PowerWriter uses a unique idea structure to focus the meaning of your communication. The result is efficient creation of a concise and effective message.  It has been said that today’s world is drowning in information and starving for wisdom.  There is a system for making sense of all this information, and it has been undergoing refinement for about 2,500 years—rhetoric.   Rhetoric is the art of using language effectively.  The rules of rhetoric are not arbitrary; they mirror the way the mind works.  Plato and Aristotle did not invent these rules. Rather, they discovered the information structures that our minds use to make sense of the world. Based on this time-proven rhetoric, Walter Lowney developed a persuasive communication method. 

We look for patterns to make sense of information. The methods and pace of communication may change, but the structure of ideas required for effective communication is timeless.

The PowerWriter idea structure uses a simple visual model to guide critical thinking and development of a clear central message supported by detailed evidence. The meaning of ideas organized with PowerWriter is easily understood and persuasively communicated. 

The PowerWriter patented process consistently delivers high quality documentation. This universal idea structure has proven to be effective in over eighteen languages. Standardized formats provide consistent documents and presentations that focus solutions on what matters most to your customer. The PowerWriter idea structure includes a unifying, core message that is supported by organized, relevant detail. Centralized control of formats and content libraries insures consistency and accuracy. The final communication is always complete, concise and convincing.

Persuasive Message - The universal structure mirrors our natural thought process to effectively communicate meaning.

Concise Content - The structured templates use principles for concise communication to organize and focus content.

Consistent Output - The centralized control of formats and content libraries protects product and brand integrity.  

PowerWriter dynamically generates multiple output formats including PowerPoint, PDF and Word. The solution has broad application and adaptability.